Mountaineering Training

Skills Enhancement

Sharing our knowledge to build your skillset to get you prepped and ready to take on the big mountains.

Mountaineering Training

We believe the mountains are there for everyone to enjoy, and that even the best of us can gain from the shared knowledge of others. With every expedition, our aim is for you to develop your skills, to grow in strength, and push always a little higher.

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Sharing our knowledge, developing your skills

Although many clients come equipped with the necessary skills and experience, Nims, Mingma David, and the team remain passionate about sharing the knowledge that has allowed them to succeed as record-breaking mountaineers. They and our team of elite guides don’t just lead - they work with you to develop your skills, proficiency and confidence, encouraging you to climb with an increasing self-reliance over the course of your time with us.

Our local guides also carry with them invaluable native knowledge, often handed down through generations of climbers in their families. They don’t just know the difficult Himalayan landscapes and weather systems like the back of their hands, they call these mountains home.

Training Framework

Our training development is based around four key pillars:


Each expedition requires differing levels of mountaineering skill. Throughout the planning phase, we will work with you to identify areas that may need attention and further support. From guiding a beginner through the basics of snow and glacier travel, or camp craft at high-altitude, to helping experts learn more efficient climbing techniques, we can help you develop your skills, under the watchful supervision of the Elite team, no matter what your previous experience level.


It may sound obvious, but all climbers must be in excellent physical shape to tackle the rigours of their chosen expedition. We’ll lay out a structured plan of regular, challenging exercise in the months prior to departure to ensure you can perform at the high levels required for multiple days at altitude. We’ve developed a unique working partnership with the The Altitude Centre, whose groundbreaking approach flips the normal acclimatisation process on its head, allowing you to develop the required fitness levels faster. We’ll actively encourage sharing updates on your progress, so we can evaluate your performance. If necessary, we’ll offer further advice, information and planning on how to get you where you need to be.


A key component of Nims’ own, hugely-successful approach to training is to increase an individual’s ability to understand their own mind and body - and crucially, how each performs under the stress of increasing altitudes. A stepped approach to this process allows you to gradually build confidence and achieve invaluable self-awareness. This ability is of the utmost importance when making judgements and decisions on higher mountains, with their ever-changing, hostile environments. Self-awareness that will not only help you achieve your goals, it will also help you stay safe.


Mindset underpins Nims and Mingma David’s whole approach - not just to mountaineering, but to life. As their record-breaking individual and team achievements have proved, by consistently applying a determined and positive attitude, you really can achieve a new possible. Their infectious, optimistic energy runs deep in Elite Exped’s DNA, and is naturally passed on to each individual within an expedition, strengthening the whole. Our team will work with you in gradually building a belief system to help you aim that little bit higher, and push through every step on the mountain towards your goals.

Before any expedition program commences, we will naturally require complete insight into your current skillset and past achievements. If there are shortfalls within your abilities and experience, we can collectively discuss alternative opportunities and/or provide a training support plan to help you achieve your future goals.

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