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Gasherbrum II

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Gasherbrum II

At 8,034m above sea-level, the second highest peak of the Gasherbrum massif is the world’s 13th highest mountain. Generally reckoned to be one of the easiest of the 8,000ers - alongside Broad Peak, Cho Oyu and Shishapangma - it’s often the first that many people climb, serving as an introduction to Everest, or K2. More experienced alpinists looking for a serious challenge may want to consider tackling this as a double-header, with Gasherbrum 1.




44 days


Strenuous 4E

Max Altitude

8035 m
26362 ft

Daily activity

5 - 6hrs



Dates Available

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Starting from

USD $30,000

Aimed at climbers who’ve made ascents of at least one 6,000m or 7,000m peak. You must have mastered mountaineering skills and have a high level of fitness.

The stepping stone mountain

Gasherbrum II, initially named K4 by the Great Trigonometrical Survey, is often viewed as a stepping stone mountain - an introductory 8,000m pea that can pave the way for higher, more technically difficult climbs like K2, or Everest. 

For more serious mountaineers, it’s often been the site of speed records. In 1997, the legendary Russian / Kazakh climber Anatoli Boukreev set one of the fastest ever times for ascending an 8,000er from basecamp here. Reinhold Messner and Hans Kammerlander famously ascended Gasherbrum I and II without returning to basecamp in 1984. And of course, our leaders Nims and Mingma David, climbed Gasherbrum I and II back to back on their way to setting their own speed record in 2019. Elite Exped’s Gasherbrum II expedition is based on the plan they used for that successful summit attempt.

The lack of hugely steep slopes or technical climbing challenges might make Gasherbrum II an easier climb than some other 8,000ers, but ‘easy’ is a relative term - this is still a significant peak, requiring climbers to spend time in the death zone. Proper planning, and efficient implementation is essential.

At Elite Exped, we pride ourselves on controlling the controllable - that is, we oversee every aspect of the expedition, fixing our own ropes, pitching our own tents and caching our own oxygen, so we never have to rely on third parties. This not only improves your chances of reaching the summit, it makes the whole operation significantly safer.

We ensure that every client we lead on an 8,000m peak is accompanied by their own, personal guide. Our guaranteed 1:1 client to guide ratio is one of the best in the business, and we always keep four of our highly-experienced guides in reserve, ready to deploy in case of emergencies.

If you’re looking to take on Gasherbrum II, and make your first steps into the rarified world of 8,000m mountain climbing, you’ll be in safe hands.  

From our clients
Jeff Evans
Mera 2017

You can trust them with the safety and satisfaction of clients. Elite was nothing less than a 10/10 in every aspect of how they executed the expedition.

Steve Davis
Manaslu 2019

Manaslu was my first 8,000er and first time with Elite. They exceeded my expectations at every level and stage.  I would have no hesitation in booking with them again! Highly recommended!!!

Amy McCulloch
Aconcagua 2018

I often felt they went above and beyond to ensure we had a successful expedition. Excellent judgments throughout the expedition led us to reach the summit safely in extreme conditions. Highly recommend!

This tried and tested itinerary is informed by decades of mountaineering experience. As with all adventurous activities of this type however, circumstances may arise where Elite Exped is forced to make alterations, possibly at short notice. While making every effort to adhere to this published schedule, we kindly ask for your patience if the weather, or other naturally occurring circumstances, intervene.

Your daily schedule

  • Day 01

    Arrival in Islamabad & transfer to the Hotel

  • Day 02

    Preparation day in Islamabad

  • Day 02

    Fly from Islamabad to Skardu

  • Day 03

    Rest day in Skardu: Expedition briefing and final preparation

  • Day 04

    Drive from Skardu to Jhula

  • Day 05

    Trek from Jhula to Paiyu

  • Day 06

    Rest day in Paiyu

  • Day 07

    Trek from Paiyu to Urdukas

  • Day 08

    Trek from Urdukas to Goro II

  • Day 09

    Trek from Goro II to Concordia

  • Day 10

    Trek to Gasherbum I Base Camp

  • Day 11

    Acclimatize day in Base Camp

  • Day 12-36

    Climbing Period of Gasherbum II

  • Day 37

    Cleaning up Basecamp: Preparation for descending back

  • Day 38

    Trek from basecamp to Goro II

  • Day 39

    Trek from Goro II to Kurburtze

  • Day 40

    Trek from Kurburtze to Mundung

  • Day 41

    Trek from Mundung to Jhula and drive back to Skardu

  • Day 42

    Farewell and debriefing in Skardu

  • Day 43

    Fly from Skardu to Islamabad & transfer to Hotel

  • Day 44

    Transfer to the International Airport for final departures


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Practical info

Frequently asked questions

The following frequently asked questions may help answer any queries you have about Elite Exped, what this expedition involves, and what is required. If your question isn’t answered here please check our dedicated FAQ support page, otherwise don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What skillset and fitness level are required?

All Elite Exped expeditions are within extreme high altitude environments, with differing requirements for ability. Due to the nature of these operational landscapes it is essential you provide concise, honest descriptions of relevant experience and current fitness levels. Upon receipt we will review your experience and respond accordingly. At this point if we consider there to be any shortfalls, we can collectively discuss the opportunities and/or provide a training support plan to achieve your goals.

What equipment is provided?
Will I get my own guide?
Will the expedition cost include travel?

Why choose
Elite Exped?


Nimsdai Purja, Mingma David Sherpa’s and Mingma Tenzi’s mountaineering groundbreaking records speak for themselves, but our leaders are more than just supremely talented climbers.

While some choose to direct operations from back office, our three directors lead from the front. Their experience in every aspect of guiding and climbing — from fixing ropes to organising logistics — is unparalleled. It's no surprise that they have the industry-leading success rate when it comes to summiting 8,000m peaks.

Beyond this, our handpicked team of guides have also chalked up dozens of successful summits between them.

Safety through

If it’s controllable we control it: this is key to attaining and maintaining our industry-leading strategy for success and safety.

We maximise our options, agility and responsiveness by running self-sufficient expeditions that don’t rely on any other teams to achieve our objectives.

Our team is capable of setting up our own fixed lines (with a proven track record on all 8,000m peaks) and has backups to cover all scenarios. These include everything from secondary oxygen supplies to the ability and experience to operate our own rescue missions if the situation arises.

A unique

With his Nepalese roots and UK residency, our co-founder Nimsdai Purja brings a unique perspective and an unparalleled ability to bridge the gap between Western and Himalayan climbing cultures.

We can assemble trusted teams and networks anywhere in the world, but our founders’ roots are a particular advantage when it comes to summiting the world’s very highest peaks.

An intimate knowledge of how things work on the ground ensures that everything runs smoothly when you’re 8,000m above sea-level.

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