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High Altitude Training & Preparation.

Take your training to the next level and learn more about your body and its requirements to be able to adapt and operate at high altitudes. Training for high altitude expeds before you step into the Big Mountains will give your body the best chance of adapting well.

As you climb higher, the air gets thinner. Each lungful at altitude gives you less oxygen, so your body has to work harder to maintain normal functioning. To cope at altitude, it’s important to understand how you respond as an individual so that you are as prepared as possible. A successful pre-acclimatisation programme will also significantly reduce the likelihood of experiencing altitude sickness symptoms.

Learning to adapt

Even the fittest of the fit can struggle with altitude. Whether you are an ultra-marathon runner or an avid hiker, everyone's body reacts differently to altitude. Adapting to altitude takes time as your body adjusts – everyone will experience the effects of altitude differently.

This is why Elite Exped has partnered with The Altitude Centre. With bespoke training from The Altitude Centre, you can help fast-track acclimatization and understand what you need to do to help with this process. The Altitude Centre has a variety of training and research programs available to help you plan for your next adventure.

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Exped Director Nimsdai training at the altitude centre prior to his 14 peaks challenge

Reduce your susceptibility to Altitude Sickness through pre-acclimatisation and help understand your body more.

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It is important even on rest days to go on acclimatisation hikes to help the body adapt at to the changing altitude.

Acclimatisation is important

At Elite Exped your safety is our first priority. Whether you come trekking with us or to the top of Everest, we ensure we build lots of acclimatization treks and routines into our expeds.

Altitude sickness can happen above 2,500m, and usually occurs when people try to go too high, too quickly. This is why we build in rest days, and acclimatization hikes and routines to higher areas, before dropping down to sleep at lower altitudes. This will help you adapt to altitude in a measured and safe way – ensuring that you have the best experience possible.

Whether you are trekking to Everest Base Camp, or to the summit of K2, pre-travel acclimatization training can help give your body a helping hand when it comes to adapting to high altitudes. You can find out more here:

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Nimsdai briefing the team about acclimatisation and the use of supplemental oxygen passed 8,000 meters.

The Altitude Centre

Turbo-charge your training

Our partnership with the UK’s number one altitude training specialists can help you improve your pre-expedition preparation, and speed up the acclimatisation process. Enquire with them now to get started. Click here!

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