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Anup Gurung

An elite mountaineer,
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Anup Gurung

Anup Gurung is a seasoned IFMGA-certified mountain guide with deep roots in the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Nepal Himalayas. His journey in the world of climbing and guiding spans over a decade, during which he has become a trusted and renowned figure in the field. His experiences have taken him to the highest peaks of the Himalayas and various other mountainous regions worldwide, where he has led numerous expeditions to summits exceeding 8000 meters, 7000 meters, and 6000 meters, all while guiding treks through some of the most challenging and breathtaking Himalayan terrains.

Anup's love for the great outdoors was kindled in the foothills of the formidable Manaslu, where he embraced a passion for adventure from an early age. It was in 2008 that he embarked on his climbing journey, and since then, he has conquered countless rocks, taken on challenging competitions, and stood atop some of the world's highest mountains.

His expertise extends to the vital ability to assess risks and make informed decisions in the unforgiving high-altitude environments that the mountains present. Anup possesses a wealth of knowledge concerning mountain safety, weather patterns, and the intricate art of route-finding. As a guide, his foremost commitment is to ensure the safety of his clients while providing them with a truly unforgettable mountain experience.

But he offers more than just technical skills. Anup is a natural leader and an effective communicator, known for his patience, understanding, and willingness to go the extra mile to make his clients feel comfortable and confident throughout their journey. His unwavering dedication to creating exceptional experiences and imparting valuable knowledge has earned him a well-deserved reputation as a prominent figure in the adventure industry.

When he's not guiding, you'll find Anup exploring new routes and destinations, continually honing his skills for upcoming climbs, and most importantly, passing on his expertise to aspiring adventurers. He holds certifications as a Helicopter Marshall and a trained emergency responder, reflecting his commitment to safety. He's also proud to have received multiple accolades in the field of climbing and guiding.

Training & Achievments

An impressive mountaineer and adventurer, Anup Gurung's Himalayan journey is marked by remarkable achievements and a wealth of professional experiences. In 2023, he achieved the remarkable feat of summiting Louche (6119 meters) twice in the challenging winter season. Anup has also guided clients to numerous mountain peaks, including Pokalde Peak (5806 meters), Louche, and Island Peak (6165 meters) in 2023.

His extensive mountaineering resume showcases his prowess in conquering some of the world's most challenging peaks, including multiple successful summits of Mt. Everest (8884.86 meters) in 2022, 2018, 2017, and 2013, as well as triumphant ascents of Mt. Lhotse (8516 meters) in 2021 and 2019, Mt. Manaslu (8163 meters) in 2019, 2018, and 2016, and Mera Peak (6470 meters) in 2019, 2018, and 2017, among others.

Anup's professional journey began as a first-aid responder and rock climber in 2008, following the completion of his First Aid and Introductory Rock-Climbing Training from NMIA. He transitioned into trekking guiding in 2009 after completing Trekking Guide Training from NATHM, leading treks across Nepal's major regions. In 2015, he officially entered the mountaineering community, becoming an Aspirin Guide certified by NNMGA and achieving IFMGA/UIAGM certification in 2018. He has been actively involved in mountaineering since 2009.

Additionally, Anup has played a crucial role in search and rescue operations in Nepal, participating in missions such as the recovery of the Tara aircraft crash site in Mustang in 2022 and the search and recovery mission of a climber on Mt. Everest in 2021. His experience includes body recovery missions on Everest and other challenging terrains.

Anup's dedication to exploration and development is evident through his involvement in various projects, including rock climbing route exploration in Mapaya Dudhkoshi in 2019 and feasibility studies for a rock-climbing site in Chame, Manang, in 2016. He has also been engaged as a mountaineering instructor for several organizations, contributing to courses and training programs across different levels of mountaineering and adventure.

With a remarkable track record in mountaineering, search and rescue, exploration, and instruction, Anup Gurung stands as an exemplary figure in the world of adventure and mountaineering. His passion and expertise continue to inspire and guide aspiring adventurers and mountaineers.

Anup Gurung
Elite Exped's high altitude expedition leader/Guide

In the Himalayas, I've discovered the summit is just the start. Challenges, rescues, and exploration shape me—a mountaineer, guide, adventurer. Endless possibilities await those who dare.

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