Annapurna / Makalu

Tackle the Great Goddess
& the Great Pyramid together.

Annapurna &
Makalu Expedition

Named for the Hindu Goddess of food and nourishment, who is said to live among its summits, Annapurna is a vast massif in central Nepal whose highest peak sits at 8,091m, making it the world’s 10th highest mountain. Makalu is the world’s fifth-highest mountain, a near-perfect pyramid of rock and ice thrusting 8,463m into the sky over the Nepalese - Tibetan border. This combination expedition will allow you to climb both in the space of a single spring climbing season - a huge achievement.




68 days


Technical 5E

Max Altitude

8463 m
27766 ft

Daily activity

5 - 6hrs


Spring &

Dates Available

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Starting from

USD $50,000

Aimed at climbers who’ve made ascents of at least two 6,000m or 7,000m peaks, and at least one 8,000m mountain. You must have mastered mountaineering skills and have a high level of fitness.

What the adventure involves

Although it’s only the tenth highest mountain in the world, Annapurna I, the main peak of the massif, can be deadly, with one of the highest death to successful summit ratios of any of the 8,000ers. Makalu also presents significant challenges, even to experienced climbers. Famous for its steep pitches and knife-edged ridges, it’s also regarded as a test of true climbing skill, with the final ascent of the summit pyramid requiring technical rock and ice climbing skills.

Summiting the two into a single expedition requires skill, strength and endurance. But most of all, it requires meticulous planning - and the kind of military precision preparation that Elite Exped specialise in. Our Annapurna and Makalu itinerary is based on the tried and tested expedition plans implemented by our founder Nimsdai during his Project Possible year, when he climbed all of the world’s 8,000m peaks in record time. 

Annapurna’s relative accessibility makes it a perfect peak to combine with Makalu in a twin summit push. Using helicopter transfers we can complete both summits in the space of 68 days, including rest days in between, and plenty of time for acclimatization.

Nimsdai and Mingma David, built their mountaineering reputations on climbing fast, but also safely. When working together the pair have a 100 success percent record on 8,000m summit attempts, but perhaps more importantly, a 100 percent safety record too.

At Elite Exped, we guarantee a 1:1 client to guide ratio, and always keep four, highly experienced guides in reserve, ready to go at a moment’s notice to help out where needed. Anything that can be controlled, we will control. From carrying in our own food, to pitching tents and fixing ropes all the way up the route, we do everything ourselves. This means we’re never reliant on third parties, reducing the chances of any misunderstandings, which could damage your summit chances.

Our handpicked guiding team, chosen using a rigorous process inspired by Nims’ own Special Forces selection, know the routes like the back of their hand, but they also speak the language. This further reduces the chances of any miscommunication.

The Elite Exped team aren’t just record-breaking mountaineers, they’re hugely experienced mountain rescuers, with extensive training in high-altitude recovery techniques. This, combined with our intimate knowledge of both mountains, means you’ll be in the safest possible hands when taking on this enormous challenge.  

From our clients
Jeff Evans
Mera 2017

You can trust them with the safety and satisfaction of clients. Elite was nothing less than a 10/10 in every aspect of how they executed the expedition

Steve Davis
Manaslu 2019

Manaslu was my first 8,000er and first time with Elite. They exceeded my expectations at every level and stage.  I would have no hesitation in booking with them again! Highly recommended!!!

Amy McCulloch
Aconcagua 2018

I often felt they went above and beyond to ensure we had a successful expedition. Excellent judgments throughout the expedition led us to reach the summit safely in extreme conditions. Highly recommend!

This tried and tested itinerary is informed by decades of mountaineering experience. As with all adventurous activities of this type however, circumstances may arise where Elite Exped is forced to make alterations, possibly at short notice. While making every effort to adhere to this published schedule, we kindly ask for your patience if the weather, or other naturally occurring circumstances, intervene.

Your daily schedule

  • Day 01

    Arrival in Kathmandu & transfer to Hotel

  • Day 02

    Staff introduction and final preparation for expedition

  • Day 03

    Flight to Pokhara and overstay night in Pokhara

  • Day 04

    Drive from Pokhara to Dana

  • Day 05

    Helicopter flight from Dana to Annapurna Base camp

  • Day 06

    Acclimatize day in Annapurna Base camp

  • Day 07-34

    Climbing Period (Basecamp - Annapurna Summit- Basecamp)

  • Day 35

    Cleaning up basecamp and ready for descending

  • Day 36

    Helicopter flight from Annapurna Basecamp to Dana and drive back to Pokhara

  • Day 37-38

    Preparation for Maklau Expediton

  • Day 39

    Flight to Tumlingtar and drive to Num; Overstay night in Num village

  • Day 40

    Trek from Num to Seduwa

  • Day 41

    Trek from Seduwa to Tashi Gaon

  • Day 42

    Trek from Tashi Gaon to Kauma

  • Day 43

    Acclimatize day in Kauma; acclimatize hike in Kauma

  • Day 44

    Trek from Kauma to Khongma

  • Day 45

    Trek from Khongma to Mumbuk

  • Day 46

    Trek from Mumbuk to Neh Kharka

  • Day 47

    Trek from Neh Kharka to Sherson

  • Day 48

    Trek from Sherson to Makalu Base Camp

  • Day 49-59

    Climbing period for Makalu

  • Day 60

    Trek from Basecamp to Neh Kharka

  • Day 61

    Trek from Neh Kharka to Mumbuk

  • Day 62

    Trek from Mumbuk to Kauma

  • Day 63

    Trek from Kauma to Tashi Gaun

  • Day 64

    Trek from Tashi Gaun to Seduwa

  • Day 65

    Trek from Seduwa to Num and drive to Tumlingtar

  • Day 66

    Flight back to Kathmandu & transfer to Hotel

  • Day 67

    Leisure day in Kathmandu

  • Day 68

    Depart for the country of residence


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Practical info

Frequently asked questions

The following frequently asked questions may help answer any queries you have about Elite Exped, what this expedition involves, and what is required. If your question isn’t answered here please check our dedicated FAQ support page, otherwise don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What skillset and fitness level are required?

All Elite Exped expeditions are within extreme high altitude environments, with differing requirements for ability. Due to the nature of these operational landscapes it is essential you provide concise, honest descriptions of relevant experience and current fitness levels. Upon receipt we will review your experience and respond accordingly. At this point if we consider there to be any shortfalls, we can collectively discuss the opportunities and/or provide a training support plan to achieve your goals.

What equipment is provided?
Will I get my own guide?
Will the expedition cost include travel?

Why choose
Elite Exped?


Nimsdai Purja and Mingma David Sherpa’s mountaineering world records speak for themselves, but our founders are more than just supremely-talented climbers. While some choose to direct operations from a back office, Nimsdai and Mingma David lead from the front. Their experience of every aspect of guiding and climbing - from fixing ropes, to organising logistics - is unparalleled. It’s no surprise that when they’ve worked together they have a perfect, 100 percent success rate when it comes to summiting 8,000m peaks.

Safety through

If it’s controllable we control it, this is key to attain and maintain our industry leading strategy for success and safety. We maximise our options, agility and responsiveness by running totally self-sufficient expeditions, not relying on any other teams on the mountain to achieve our objectives. We are capable of setting up our own fixed lines (with a proven track record on all 8,000m peaks) and have backups to cover all scenarios, from secondary oxygen supplies through to the ability and experience to operate our own rescue missions if the situation arises.

A unique

With his Nepalese roots, and UK residency, our co-founder Nimsdai Purja brings a unique perspective of the world of mountaineering, and an unparalleled ability to bridge the gap between Western and Himalayan climbing cultures. We can assemble trusted teams and networks anywhere in the world, but our founders’ roots are a particular advantage when it comes to summiting the world’s very highest peaks. An intimate knowledge of how things work on the ground ensures that everything runs smoothly when you’re 8,000m above sea-level.

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